Building Blocks for Beginners – Student Colouring Book




Building Blocks for Beginners – Student Colouring Book
Line Upon Line Modular Bible Lessons
Preschool Age

Building Blocks for Beginners teaches Bible basics to preschoolers.

Allow the little children to come unto Me.” said our Lord, “for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” With this heartfelt desire of the Saviour in mind, the Building Blocks for Beginners Bible lessons have been prepared. Their purpose is to provide the teacher or parent with a simple, step-by-step plan to teach basic Bible doctrine – creation, man, sin, death, salvation, etc. – to little ones.

Here are the five steps to help children grasp these Building Blocks:

1) they recognize that the child’s small experience limits the range of his understanding
2) they follow the “line upon line” method suited to little ones, with each truth laid as a foundation.
3) they make use of the three channels of instruction mentioned in 1 john 1:1.
4) the child’s own vocabulary range is advocated, with simplified definitions and illustrations to aid
5) a questioning method rather than a telling method is employed so each child can take part

48 lessons total are provided in the four manuals. Each manual contains 12 lessons. Most lessons contain enough material for two 45-minute lessons. Each lesson is designed so it can be taught several times until every child understands the concept being taught. Each time the lesson is taught, the same memory verse is used, but a different application is provided to illustrate the truth.

There are four preschool books available:

BOOK ONE – creation
BOOK TWO – God & sin
BOOK THREE – God’s plan in our lives

Each preschool book also has an accompanying teacher’s manual.

May the One who loved to bless little ones also bless these lessons to the hearts of children everywhere.

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