Studies in Ecclesiastes


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SKU: 9781927521403
Author: Taylor, Tom V.
ISBN-13: 9781927521403
Pages: 174
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2013)
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“Most commentaries on Ecclesiastes are glum to grim. Tom Taylor has found some rays of light “under the sun.” He is convinced that most have a tortured view of what Solomon’s “preacher” is saying, and he has stepped forward to give us the “up side” in this common sense view of this common sense book. It certainly challenged my thinking.

“Whereas I have hitherto looked at the book as an inspired account of how a natural man thinks, now after reading Taylor I will think again. As Paul in Romans 1 teaches us that natural revelation has taught about God’s eternal power from Creation, so Taylor is saying the book of Ecclesiastes contains more than unaided human intellect. Here we have God’s revelation of Himself in the natural world that we live in. All of this is given to us from the preacher’s vantage point “under the sun.” ~John Bjorlie, Editor