Studies in First Corinthians


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Author: Malcolm Graham Horlock
Pages: 312
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Precious Seed Publications
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An Exposition of Chapters 8-15

This book offers verse-by-verse expository comments on chapters 8 to 15 of what we know as the apostle Paul’s “First Epistle to the Corinthians”.
In this section of his letter, the apostle tackled the issues of the eating of food offered to idols, the wearing of head-coverings, the Lord’s Supper, spiritual gifts, and the resurrection of the body. When doing this, he set out timeless principles which are directly relevant to our own day and age.

The present volume aims to help the reader

  1. to better understand the meaning of Paul’s words in their original historical and cultural setting, and then
  2. to apply the lessons he or she has learned to his or her own life and experience.

Malcolm Graham Horlock has spent all of his life to date in and around Cardiff, Wales, UK. Retired since 2005, for most of his secular life he worked as a civil servant in the Finance Department of the Welsh Office. Malcolm is married to Linda, and they have four children and twelve grandchildren. Both he and Linda were converted in their teens from non-Christian homes, and have been in fellowship since 1978 at the Bethesda assembly in Cardiff, where Malcolm served as an elder for many years. He has been active in Bible teaching for the greater part of his Christian life.


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