A Study of First Thessalonians: The Model Church


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SKU: 9781927521458
Author: McBride, Gary
ISBN-13: 9781927521458
Pages: 100
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2013)
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The letter to the Thessalonians educates and exhorts us. All believers want to be in a model church – but what would that look like?

In this book, the author examines 1 Thessalonians to determine what constitutes a Model Church showing that it is not size or structure, not facilities or finances. Instead the Lord commends these believers for their character, conduct and conversation. Other characteristics of a church God commends are: a passion for the lost, a visible love for one another, and a walk that pleases God. The Thessalonians were a model for others in their day and for us today.

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