Tabernacle with DVD HC


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Author: Bouchoc, Eric
ISBN-13: 9781617152825
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The Tabernacle with DVD
By: Eric Bouchoc

This book was birthed out of a desire to transform the words of scripture into lifelike visual imagery. Though there is no way of knowing exactly what the tabernacle may have looked like, we do have subtle descriptions of most everything mentioned. So, as you read through this and examine the images contained inside, allow your heart to be touched by the Spirit of the Lord. Allow this book to be a vessel that brings you closer to the Lord through an experience of heartfelt worship, a longing to be in His presence and a desire to know Him more. My prayer is that this book will be an inspiration for you to open God’s word and examine the scriptures for yourself; that these pages will give you a moment of illumination that will forever change the way you look at God’s Word. 

ISBN13: 9781617152825
ISBN: 161715282X
Pages: 64
Publisher: AMG Publishers (2012)
Binding: Hardback


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