Tell Me More About The Future


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SKU: 9781910513811
Author: Bert Cargill
Pages: 45
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Publishing
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Are you interested in the future – your own future, as well as the future of this world which seems to be in more turmoil than ever? This concise book gives the clear Bible-based information you need. Read it to make sure that you know how to prepare for your own future as an individual, and also to know about what God has planned for the church as a whole, for the nation of Israel and the other nations, for the world and for the great universe He created. The second coming of Christ will change everything!

This is one of a series of book designed for readers whose first language is not English. Those who are fluent in English will get through it quickly. The seven short chapters are self contained, easily read and easily translated if desired, with a few helpful study questions included. An overall summary is at the end and a useful Index.


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