Thanksgiving Bundle

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Worship and Remembrance: 52 Meditations on the Sinner's Friend

The highest occupation of the human mind, the sweetest ministry of the human heart, is the worship of God and the remembrance of His Son. It is the only passion to which we may give ourselves without reserve, with no fear of being corrupted by it. We will never be reprimanded by Heaven for exaggerating the Saviour's worth!

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In His Hands - A Memorial to God's Faithfulness

This book stirs our memories to remember those times in our own lives when we knew we were In His Hands and it was the only place to be.

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The Wonders of God

The works of the Lord are wonderful beyond description. Everything that He has created is a marvel.

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God is Faithful

Thrilling missionary stories of the Lord's care for those he tenderly calls "His own."

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