The Challenge of Revival


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Author: Paul Young
Pages: 52
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Today, as never before, we need to hunger for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our churches and communities. We need to pray fervently for a revival amongst the people of God. Yet if God should withhold a national revival, we can live in personal revival by daily drawing close to the Lord through prayer, obedience and His Word. We need God’s Holy Spirit and it is vital that we know His power working in us today for God’s glory.

Paul Young comes from Maesteg, South Wales and is married to Alison. He earned his initial degree at the University of Wales and has since completed a Masters degree in Theology through distance learning. Having taught at the Secondary School level for six years, Paul now devotes himself to full time Christian ministry (since 1981). Much of his service takes place at his local church in Maesteg. This includes preaching, teaching, and children’s ministry, along with school visitation. He also travels throughout the United Kingdom and to many countries overseas for ministry.

Paul has participated in a regular radio program with Trans World Radio (Truth for Today) and the BBC. He has written over fifteen books and contributes articles to a number of publications. He is also a trustee for Echoes International, a support service to overseas church workers.


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