The Gospel of John An Expository Outline


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Author: Hamilton Smith
Pages: 252
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Inc. USA
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This new commentary on the Gospel of John will give you a greater appreciation of this Gospel which presents Christ as the Son of God, as a divine Person, as its theme. Hamilton Smith, known for his powerful yet brief style of writing, leads you chapter by chapter as the great truths presented by Christ Himself are unfolded for us.

We are not aware of this entire commentary being published before in North America, although chapters 13-17 have been published previously under the title, The Last Words. This new book has been slightly edited by Believers Bookshelf for improved readability for 21 st century readers. We believe you will hardly be able to put it down and will grow spiritually by reading it!

Hamilton Smith, a cousin of F.B. Hole (another well-known author to readers of Believers Bookshelf publications), was called to be with the Lord in 1943. He had four children and lived his entire life in the United Kingdom.

From the table of contents:

The Eternal Word
The Ruin of Man and the Glory of Christ
The Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man
The Ways of Grace in the Blessing of Sinners
The Ways of Grace in Deliverance from the Law
The Ways of Grace in Deliverance from Want
Christ Glorified and the Spirit Given
The Rejection of the Words of Christ
The Rejection of the Works of Christ
The Shepherd and the Sheep
The Witness to the Son of God
The Witness to the Son of David and the Son of Man
Introductory to the Lord’s Last Discourse
Let Not Your Heart be Troubled
The Disciples in the World
Bearing Fruit
The Mind of Christ
The Great Prayer to the Father
Jesus’ Betrayal, Arrest and Trial
The Trial Concludes, and the Crucifixion
The Resurrection
Closing Scenes


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