The Problem of Pain BOOKLET


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SKU: 9781910513477
Author: Fraser A. Munro
Pages: 27
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd. Christian Publishing
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This handy 4″x 6″ booklet deals with “The Problem of Pain”: An unusual subject, but not an unnecessary subject. A survey was once conducted and people were asked: “if you could pose to God one question, what would it be?” The top answer was: Why so much suffering? Why so much pain? It is a problem – generally. Man is full of trouble! But this irrefutable conclusion then leads to the inevitable question: ‘Why?’ Why so much trouble? Why so many difficulties? Why such a multitude of suffering? Could it not be otherwise? An ideal evangelism tool and helpful to hand-out to those who are dealing with health issues and asking the question “Why?”


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