The World, The Flesh and the Devil


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Author: Jack Hay
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Christian Media
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Most of us are not caught up personally in the wars and commotion that sweep the world but, as believers, we are engaged every day in a spiritual warfare. In the main, the enemies arrayed against us are the World, the Flesh and the Devil. “Know your enemy” is a familiar maxim, and this publication is a primer to introduce the reader to some of the Bible’s teaching about these formidable foes. Two of the protagonists are external, but the Flesh is a traitor within, collaborating with the others to incite us to sin, minimise our loyalty to Christ, and impair our service for God. There is the constant need for vigilance, for “the evil day” will inevitably come, the day when you are the specific target of the enemy and the battle will rage around you. This little book is sent out with the prayer that, in familiarising yourself with the enemies, and being alerted to the dangers, you will be better equipped to face what is effectively a lifetime of spiritual warfare as “a good soldier of Jesus Christ”.


Review: This latest title from Jack Hay’s busy keyboard is genuinely a ‘must-have’ book on every believer’s bookshelf, co?ee table or bedside cabinet. Its content strikes hard, but honestly, at the core of a Christian’s life and, as the author says on page 39 of this 88-page paperback, “We really need to have our moral compass well set”.

In his Foreword to the book, Fraser Munro wrote “In July 2017, Jack gave ministry on this subject over a weekend in Deri, Wales. Those who were present found the teaching very informative and very challenging. The suggestion was subsequently made to Jack that what he had said should be made available to a wider audience. He agreed to write on the subject, and I am glad he has done so. I have been helped by reading this book. No matter where you are in the Christian life, you will ?nd it helpful too.”  Jeremy Holi?eld, an elder in the assembly at Deri, and present at the meetings where this ministry was given, wrote “Jack has written about the three principal foes of the believer with the same vibrancy with which he delivered talks on the same at Deri to an audience of over 130 young adults in the summer of 2017. The relevance of this teaching applies to all, irrespective of age.”

You should read this book, and elders would do well to put a copy into the hands of every assembly member.

Phil Coulson


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