Think Of Your Future : An ECS Booklet


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SKU: 9781593871406
Author: MadDonald, Willliam
ISBN-13: 9781593871406
Pages: 64
Binding: An ECS Booklet
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Each of us has only one life to live. That fact should cause us to spend time in serious reflection on how we can best live it. Are we living for ourselves or for God? Do our activities, our passions, and our goals honor God or are they self-serving.

Chapters include:
Truths that Change Lives
Only One Life
So Very Brief
The Golden Time
Education that Counts for Eternity
You Choose Your Future!
Ambitions: Wise or Otherwise?
Life’s Great Constraints
Life’s Great Commitment
The Role of an Occupation
Excuses, Bluffs, and Alibis
Life with a Passion!