Tract: Danger: Don’t Look at the Flame (Pkg of 50)


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Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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A dazzling light was giving off a buzzing and crackling sound. A workman with his face covered with a large mask and his hands with thick gloves, was welding together iron rails on the train tracks into one piece.

An attention-catching sign was standing close by with the words painted in large letters:

Do Not Look at the Flame

And yet, while this sign was standing there in full view, dozens of men were gazing intently at the flame!

Speaking to the foreman, I inquired, “What is this flame, and why the danger?”

“That is what we call electric welding,” said the foreman; “it welds the iron to unite the two rails in one, so that it cannot pull apart. This bright light is thousands of candle power strong; if you should look at it steadily for ten minutes, you might no feel any bad effect in your eyes at once, but about nine or ten o’clock at night you would feel as if a handful of sand had been thrown in your eyes, and severe eye trouble could follow, or even blindness might result. You’ll notice that this workman has three thicknesses of glass in the eye-piece on his mask-red and blue-and this colored glass so tempers the light that it doesn’t injure him.”

We often hear of sad results from not taking heed from warnings. In spite of the sign, many ignored it. And I thought, how similar to the warnings of God’s Word. Many either do not see them, or do not heed them.

Maybe you have no desire to hear His warnings. After all, what God’s Word says about you is far from flattering. God rebukes your sinfulness and tells you sin must be judged. But please look at the Warning:

Do Not Look at the Flame

Four times we read in the Bible: “Harden not your hearts.” Why should you bring eternal damnation to your soul? Christ is tenderly pleading with you today, stretching out His nail piereced hands saying, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

Come with true confession as the prodigal son to his father, saying, “Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in Thy sight.” Then look to the Saviour whose precious blood can cleanse you from all sin and make you fit for heaven.

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