Tract: JUSTAMINUTE Are There Mistakes in the Bible?


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Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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“There are plenty of mistakes in the Bible – the rebellion at the tower of Babel, the sin of Sodom, the rejection of Jesus the messiah, and scores of others. I could show that the Bible is full of mistakes – though not the kind that are any help to the sceptic! These blunders are left on record as a warning that if you despise the grace of God, ignore His Book, and reject the work of Christ when He died on the cross for our sins – if, in fact, you make the same mistakes as those recorded in the Bible – God’s judgment awaits you.” ~Excerpt from tract

Gospel Folio Press started printing Gospel Literature in 1923 and continues to print and distribute Gospel tracts. In 1997 we designed a small (folded size 1.75″x2.75) “JUSTAMINUTE” tract that is attractive and only takes a minute to read.

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