Tract: RMS Titanic (known as: Sinking of the Titanic)


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Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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“Of the 2,228 ship’s passengers and crew, only 705 survived and 1,523 men, women and children had lost their lives. Many more lives could have been spared that night if the passengers and crew were willing to listen to the warnings. All day long the crew received messages from six other ships out at sea, but these warnings were ignored. The crew pleaded with the passengers to escape the danger, but these warnings were not taken seriously. As a result many perished needlessly.

“…We have received warnings about eternal decisions that need to be made. And I ask, what has been our response? Do we believe that ‘even God could not sink this ship,’ or do we laugh as the passengers did? Have we been tempted to tell others to ‘shut up’ as the ship’s Marconi did, as others have spoken their concern about eternal matters?” ~Excerpt from tract.