Tract: SPANISH Five Secrets from the Heart – 10 tracts with 10 Heart Pins


Tract: SPANISH Five Secrets from the Heart

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Heart Pins for Tract: Five Secrets of the Heart × 10

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Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Spanish – Package of 10 tracts & 10 pins

These tracts and heart pins provides for unique evangelism outreach. You get 10 tracts and 10 heart pins.

The five stones on the heart pins are golden, black, red, clear, and green. Each color represents a characteristic of people or of God and the relationship between them.

Golden represents how God has prepared a home for us in His heaven.

Black is for how “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

Red is for the “blood of Jesus Christ, which cleanses us from all sin.”

Clear represents what happens the moment we put our trust in Christ and His finished work; we are cleared of all judgment.

Finally, green reminds us of life and growth representing a new life in Christ when we put our trust in Christ.