Tract: SPANISH JUSTAMINUTE Are These Grapes Sweet?



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Tract: Son Dulces Estas Uvas? (Spanish)
[Are These Grapes Sweet?]
Package of 50 tracts

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in Him” (Psalm 34:8)

“To taste something is to test it, and that is what God wants us to do with His Word. Don’t swallow it without a careful examining of the convincing evidence He gives…The interesting thing about this is that everyone who has tasted has found what He says to be true. It’s those who refuse the grapes who argue. Can you say for sure you know it is not true?” ~Excerpt from tract

Gospel Folio Press started printing Gospel Literature in 1923 and continues to print and distribute Gospel tracts. In 1997 we designed a small (folded size 1.75″x2.75) “Justaminute” Tract that is attractive and only takes a minute to read the message.

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