Traditions to Treasure – Continuing Steadfastly


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Author: Bert Cargill & James Brown
Pages: 242
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Publishing
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Traditions to Treasure is the third and final volume in this Christian Heritage Series. This third volume describes four other aspects of our rich Christian heritage. • The formation in the 19th century of assemblies of Christians gathering in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. • Hymns and those godly and gifted men and women who wrote them. • The value of the printed page, the painstaking work of some of those who gave us the earliest aids to Bible study. • The work and achievements of some 19th century pioneers in caring for the poor and the needy. Those strands of Christian communion, care and compassion, along with the service of song and the study of scripture, are woven together in this book, aptly called Traditions to Treasure.

Book Review from Precious Seed Magazine – August 2020

I recall as a young boy, that my father had a book called Chief Men Among the Brethren. My memory is of grainy photographs of be-whiskered, gloomy faces, without a ghost of a smile; I did not feel encouraged to read any further in this austere looking tome. However, over the years I have learnt to understand and appreciate the debt owed to these men who were raised up by God to light a torch and raise a standard against the largely sterile state religion of their day. One unfortunate legacy of this revival is the appellation ‘Brethren’, which, with the arrogant definite article, has defined in the opinion of many those who have sought to benefit from the godly lives and teaching of these men and others of like mind.

This book is the third and final volume of the ‘Christian Heritage Series‘ tracing the history of gospel witness from the 14th century. The present volume brings into focus the work from the late 18th century and on through Victorian days. I discovered from reading this book that behind the gallery of sombre faces of childhood memory, lie the histories of men of God, who sacrificed much, travelled the world at great personal and family cost and, from backgrounds of privilege and academia, reached out to the poor and the lost both materially and spiritually.

The greater part of this book recalls the legacy of hymns left on record during this period, many of which form the backbone of our 21st century hymnbooks, and are unrivalled by more modern writers in their appreciation of the Lord Jesus. They remain an essential aid to worship, full of doctinal truth, memorable and uplifting.

There are also chapters given to the origin of books and printed matter to assist study of the scriptures, and a brief history of some great Christian philanthropists whose life-work lives on. In undertaking this series of books Cargill and Brown have provided a work of real benefit for the people of God.


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