Transformed in His Presence


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SKU: 9780884693000
Author: Peugh, Roger
ISBN-13: 9780884693000


Transformed in His Presence: The Need for Prayer in Counseling
By: Roger Peugh & Tammy Schultz

This stimulating guide fills a much-needed gap in the training and practice of Christian counselors. Each chapter uses scripture to teach topics relevant to caregivers: the essence of prayer, counseling, suffering, waiting, burnout, the need for supportive friends, and a vision for renewal. The authors have a combination of more than 50 years of counseling, pastoral experience, and working in mental health settings.

ISBN-13: 9780884693000
ISBN-10: 0884693007
Pages: 136
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.3″
Publisher: BMH (2005)
Author: Peugh, R. & Schultz, T.


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