Two Roads Two Destinies Course Book #690


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Author: Rodgers, David
ISBN-13: 9780888736901
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Two Roads, Two Destinies: Illustrated Bible Course
By: David Rodgers

A study of the Two Roads, Two Destinies chart and how to use it as an evangelistic outreach.

“Where are you with respect to God? Where are you going? What will be your eternal destiny?

“I invite you to honestly face these questions; they are questions that all of us have, but very few have the courage to face. I encourage you to do so, because God loves you, and His Word, the Bible, is the grand book of revelation about these eternal truths. Together we will see the biblical answers to these questions, and better still, discover the relevant instructions that God gives about how you can be saved and know with certainty that your destiny will be heaven with the Lord.” ~excerpt



ISBN-13: 9780888736901
Size: 8.5 x 11″
Binding: Paperback
Category: Evangelism/Witnessing, Bible Study
Page Count: 68
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Author: Rodgers, David


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