Typical Teachings of Exodus


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Author: E. Dennett
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The grand subject of the book of Exodus is redemption. And the book ends with the cloud of His presence resting upon and His glory filing the Tabernacle!

“The grand subject of the book of Exodus is that of redemption. In Genesis we have creation, and then, after the fall, and the announcement of a Deliverer in the seed of the woman, who should bruise the serpent’s head (Gen. 3:15)- the revelation, in fact, of the second Man, of whom Adam was a figure (Rom. 14), and in whom all God’s counsels should be established-” all the great elementary principles which find their development in the history of the relationships of God with man, which is recorded in the following books.” The book of Genesis has therefore been aptly termed the seed-plot of the Bible. But in Exodus the subject is one-redemption with its consequences, consequences in grace, and when the people, showing their insensibility to grace, as well as ignorance of their own condition, had put themselves under law, consequences of government. Still the grand result of redemption, the establishment of a people before God, in relationship with Him, is achieved; and this it is that lends such an interest to the book, and makes it so instructive to the Christian reader.” excerpt from Chapter 1


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