Understanding The Trinity ECS


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Author: Fish, John H. III (editor)
ISBN-13: 9781593870584
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Understanding the Trinity
Edited by: John H. Fish III

Understanding the Trinity focuses on one major area of Bible doctrine, namely the doctrine of the triune God. What could be more important than the doctrine of God himself and that he has revealed himself to us in Scripture as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

It is this view of God as Trinity that distinguishes Christianity not only from all other religions, but also from the other major monotheistic religions, Judaism, and Islam. Christians believe that there is only one God. But we also believe that there are three distinct and eternal persons within the godhead who are all equally God.

While we do not pretend to understand the Trinity fully, we do desire to understand more of God’s revelation of himself. The essays contained in this book were originally presented orally at a symposium held on the campus of Emmaus Bible College. They were subsequently published in The Emmaus Journal, the theological publication of Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, Iowa.

ISBN-13: 9781593870584
ISBN: 1593870582
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 448
Publisher: ECS Ministries (2006)
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00″
Edited by: Fish, John H. III


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