Vines Complete Expository Dictionary of OT & NT Words


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Author: Vine, Unger & White
ISBN-13: 9780785260202


Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
By: W.E. Vine

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary makes it possible for the student with substantial, limited, or no background in either Greek or Hebrew to study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages.

English equivalents are listed alphabetically throughout the text, along with either Greek or Hebrew words from which they are translated. Various shades of meaning plus Scripture passages illustrating particular usages are also included.

Through the extensive use of Strong’s numbering system and other references included in Vine’s indexes, you will be able to bridge Vine’s entries with those of the standard technical lexicons used by Bible scholars everywhere.

The volume is organized in such a way that it becomes at once a dictionary, a commentary and a concordance.

ISBN-13: 9780785260202
ISBN: 078526020X
Book Size: 6.75×9.5″
Binding: Hardcover
Category: Dictionary
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Vine, Unger & White