Voice in the Darkness: Apostle Paul


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Author: Letkeman, Della
ISBN-13: 9780888737236
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Voice In The Darkness: The Apostle Paul – His Extraordinary Story Retold
By: Della Letkeman (with initial research by R.E. Harlow)

Of all the characters in the Bible, the apostle Paul seems the most glorious. In every respect he exceeds our highest imagination and inspires out deepest admiration. Although his extraordinary giftedness seems to put him beyond the sympathies of ordinary folk, this biographical re-telling of Paul’s life will bring this wonderful man warmly and vividly to life. His noble nature is only enhanced in the humble and often humiliating circumstances to which this great man so often reduced.

As we follow Paul, we see his great love for his Master overflowing in love for Jew and Gentile alike. His letters to churches and friends are recorded in the context of his travels and the real needs and issues that prompted them.

Voice in the Darkness gives us a fascinating and highly readable account of this energetic, passionate, tender, flesh-and-blood apostle, Come – meet Paul.

Robert E. Harlow,a long-time commended worker, went to be with the Lord on March 10, 2003, five days short of his 95th birthday. He was co-founder of Emmaus Bible College, now located in Dubuque, Iowa, and founder, along with his wife, Gertrud, of Everyday Publications, Inc., in Port Colborne, ON. Dr. Harlow wrote more than fifty books. His book, Can We Know God? (1958), was the first of a series of books he wrote in simple, “Everyday” English. It has sold some 500,000 copies in more than a dozen languages. A native of Toronto, he was also a missionary in the Belgian Congo.

Della Letkeman, commended along side her husband, has authored and co-authored material published by EPI. Before his death, she started a manuscript with Dr. Harlow on the life and travels of the Apostle Paul. Della does her writting from her home office in London, Ontario.

ISBN-13: 9780888737236
Category: Commentary/Biography
Publisher: Everyday Publications (2009)
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Author:  Harlow, R.E.; Letkeman, D.