Walkin’ the Walk


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Author: Lennie Spitale
Pages: 79
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: ECS Ministries
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A Practical Guide for Christians in Prison

Does it surprise you that the day-to-day life and conduct of a Christian in prison not only has its own set of challenges, but also some very special benefits?

The teaching, insights, compassion, understanding, and warm encouragement that Lennie Spitale has for the incarcerated in this unique course are based solidly on the Word of God and flow out of his personal experience behind prison walls and his later full-time ministry to prison inmates since returning to the outside.

About the Author
Chapter 1 – Christianity in a Fishbowl
Chapter 2 – Escaping the “Air of Negativity”
Chapter 3 – The House of My Master’s Relatives
Chapter 4 – Maintaining Unity Among Christians
Chapter 5 – Developing Your Christian Education
Chapter 6 – Serving Others
Chapter 7 – The Biblical view of Authority
Chapter 8 – Can Anything Good Come Out of This?
Chapter 9 – The Importance of Integrity
Chapter 10 – Jesus on the Main Line



Before becoming a Christian in 1975, Lennie Spitale’s life was dominated by an explosive temper and problems with authority. By the time he was 30, the anger and rebellion had resulted in over 35 different jobs and several incarcerations. Upon release, Lennie continued to drift and get into trouble. But in the spring of 1975, a loving, merciful God broke into his angry, rebellious life and granted him saving faith in Jesus Christ. He quickly began to experience God’s life-changing power. In 1977 he began leading weekly Bible studies at a local jail and visiting the men at their cells. Since then, Lennie has devoted his life to a wide range of prison-related ministries, including chaplaincy, training chaplains, and authoring several books to help inmates and their families. Lennie and his wife live in the Philadelphia area.


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