Walking as Jesus Walked

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Author: Spader, Dannah
ISBN-13: 9780802447098
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Walking as Jesus Walked: Making Disciples the Way Jesus Did
By: Dann Spader

Jesus must be our model for ministry. Sounds obvious, right? Or is it?

Jesus, in all His humanity (and all His divinity) shows us the best possible way to live. Through the way He lived, He modeled the priorities of how to multiply “much fruit.” The proof being His disciples. Following Jesus’ example, His disciples then changed the course of history. How then can we follow Jesus’ example? We must study His life.

How did Jesus pray? In what types of relationships did He invest? Where were His priorities? Can my priorities be His priorities? Can I walk like He walked? What we do with Jesus MATTERS.

Global ministry trainer Dann Spader practically and helpfully walks us through 10 weeks of exciting, ministry-altering study to really begin to walk as Jesus walked.

Dann Spader (B.A., M.R.E., D.Min.) is the founder and director of Sonlife Ministries and has spent more than twleve years serving in various pastoral care role. He currently serves as a consultant to over eighteen denominations developing youth and church leadership. Dann has written more than a dozen leadership training manuals, contributed several chapters in books, written numerous articles, and produced six training videos. He is co- author of Growing a Healthy Church. He and his wife, Char, have three daughters and live in Batavia, Illinois.

ISBN-13: 9780802447098
Publisher: Moody Publishers (2011)
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Author: Spader, Dannah