What God Hath Joined


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Author: Editors: Wm Banks, T. Wilson
Pages: 137
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Gospel Tract Publications
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An Answer to Contemporary Issues in Marriage

Editors: W. Banks & T. Wilson.

Contributors: J.R. Baker; W. Banks; J.Burnett; B. Currie; J.D. McColl; J.V. Paterson; J.M. Riddle; T. Wilson.

The contributors to this book, eight experienced and respected brethren, all believe that marriage is creational. The principles enunciated thus apply eually to believer and unbeliever. The permanence, importance and sacredness of the marriage bond is everywhere emphasized. It is shown that this bond can only be broken by death, or in the case of the believer at the coming of the Lord.

Divorce and remarriage are therefore never contemplate in the NT Scriptures and indeed are expressly forbidden. Any who marry while the first spouse is still alive are living in a state of perpetual adultery. It is argued clearly that the salvation of remarried divorcees does not alter this condition unless appropriate steps are taken for separation and regulation.

It is hoped that the book will be examined and read prayerfully with an open Bible and that it will be much blessed of the Lord particularly to an experiencing difficulties in this important area of life and to those giving counsel to such.


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