What If Jesus Meant What He Said?


What if Jesus wants it all? Take the journey. Ask the questions. Warning: This could change everything.

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Author: Nate Bramsen
ISBN-13: 9781593872861
Pages: 234
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: EMMAUS International (2017)
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What if Jesus’ words were never intended to fit into your existing lifestyle? What if they were meant to change everything? What if Jesus never wanted merely part of your life? What if He wants everything?

Instead of offering easy answers, these pages ask difficult questions, leading the reader on a journey with life-altering implications.

If Jesus meant what He said, how might His words affect our relationships, investments, speech, perspectives, discipleship, spiritual disciplines, and every other aspect of life?  What if the only balanced Christian life is all-out surrender to Jesus Christ?

Table of Contents


Part 1
“If Anyone Would Come After Me…”
1 The Upheaval Begins
2 What If Jesus Meant What He Said?
3 The Invitation To Ever After
4 Finding Victory In Surrender

Part 2 “…He Must Deny Himself…”
5 Self-denial Or Denial Of Self
6 When Freedom Seems Backwards
7 The Foundation For Life
8 Framing The House
9 Framing Our Careers By The Word Of God
10 Framing Discipleship By The Word Of God
11 Framing Our Investments By The Word Of God
12 Framing Relationships By The Word Of God
13 Framing Our Words By The Word Of God
14 Framing Forgiveness By The Word Of God
15 Framing Our Security By The Word Of God
16 The Enemies Of A Life Framed By The Word Of God
17 Tuning In To The Holy Spirit

Part 3 “…And Take Up His Cross…”
18 Jesus Didn’t Save You From The Cross
19 Understanding The Cross
20 Taking God’s Name In Vain
21 The Blessings Of The Cross
22 Ten Blessings Of Suffering And Persecution

Part 4 “…And Follow Me.”
23 When Christ Becomes Home
24 Learning To Follow
25 Telling The Lord What To Do?
26 You Don’t Have What It Takes
27 Life Without Regrets


Bonus Feature: Diving Into Scripture

Going Deeper: Books and Media Resources