What In The World Is God Doing? Essentials of Global Mission


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Author: Olson, C. Gordon
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What In the World Is God Doing? The Essentials Of Global Missions (Seventh Updated Edition)
By: C. Gordon Olson with Don Fanning
Forwards by: David J. Hesselgrave and Steve Saint

For four centuries there has been a major theological rift among evangelical Christians. Many do not believe it is possible to heal the polarization between Calvinists and Arminians. Virtually all books on soteriology are attacks by proponents of one side against the other. What in the World is God Doing? is a unique book in that it shows the errors found in both polarized positions and affirms what is true in both of them.

An overview of the essentials of global missions:
*A standard text since 1989 used in 100 college, universities and seminaries
*55,000 in circulation in six editions
*Objective: to help every believer be a knowledgeable world Christian
*an inductive biblical basis of missios
*Major world religions encapsulated
*A comprehensive global overview: the thrilling story of missions breakthroughs
*Practical strategy and implementation
*Updated statistics from Operation World
*Outstandingly readable
*Graphics galore: 50 maps, charts, tables

What in the World is God Doing? is just the right question to ask and Gordon Olson is uniquely qualififed to answer it. He has been engaged in both theological reflection and missiological application for over 60 years. You will discover the interconnection between the Bible and its mandate upon us all and the world with practical application and mature insight. Thousands of students have been challenged and blessed by this work, and the 7th edition continues the tradition.” ~Dr. Greg Parsons (Director, US Center for World Mission)

“Finally someone has written an introductory text that respects missiology’s interdisciplinary nature, and treats the areas of concern for modern missionary ministry…a balanced blend of theory and practice.” ~Dr. Keith Eitel (Chair of Missions, Southwestern Baptist Seminary)

“One of the factors I like about your book is its readability. Having taught at Bible College for some years, I feel that this is essential for students. It is indeed the best introductory guide I have seen.” ~Grover DeVault (OCSC Representative)

C. Gordon Olson was converted and called to ministry while studying engineering and majored in theology at Dallas Seminary. Ministering in Pakistan (1956-64), he founded the Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students, ministered in Urdu among indigenous Brethren assemblies, helped organize the Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan and edited lessons for the Bible Correspondence School. He was professor of Missions and Theology at Northeastern Bible College (1967-90) for 24 years, has spoken in 300 churches and pastored four in metro NYC. He has been a trustee member of three missions: Christar, Bible Basics Int., and the Urban LifeSource Connection. He received the D.Miss. from Trinity International University. His theology of salvation, Getting the Gospel Right: A Balanced View of Salvation Truth (2005), is viewed as a theological breakthrough in resolving the tension between God’s sovereignty and human free will. He is currently an adjunct professor at Liberty University and a Bible and missions conference speaker.

Don Fanning gave up a golf scholarship to minister for 30 years in South America with his wife Jan, as a jungle pilot, writer, church planter, professor, and founder of Libros Aguila, publisher of Christian school textbooks. For a decade he has been Director of Global Ministries and Chair of Intercultural Studies at Liberty University.

ISBN-13: 9780962485084
Binding: Paperback
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Pages: 376
Publisher: Global Gospel Publishers (2013)
Author: Olson, C. Gordon


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