Whats the Deal with Wicca?

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Author: Russo, Steve
ISBN-13: 9780764201363
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What’s the Deal With Wicca?: A Deeper Look into the Dark Side of Today’s Witchcraft
By: Steve Russo

Wicca, also known as witchcraft, promotes ideals like “Don’t lie,” “Don’t kill,” and “Respect your elders.” Sounds familiar, right? In fact, it sounds a lot like Christianity. The truth is, on the surface there’s a lot about Wicca that seems to mesh with the Bible. It’s a bewitching religion, and perhaps you or a friend has been enticed to dabble in the craft. Now take a closer look….

Behind the promises of  empowerment and the ability to control one’s own destiny lies a spiritual peril. What’s the Deal With Wicca? explores the beliefs and practices of Wicca, presenting a Bible-based perspective on the spiritual roots of this centuries-old religion and laying bare the deception inherent in the promises made by its practitioners. If you’re encountering Wicca among your peers, this is a must-read.

Get all the facts–and then decide for yourself.

Meet the New Initiates
Why Wicca?
Wicca Goes Mainstream
The Allure of Personal Power
The Girl-Friendly Religion
Siding With the Environment
A Sense of Belonging
Build Your Own Religion
God, Where Are You?
Whose Word You Gonna Trust?
When a Friend Is in Wicca

ISBN-13: 9780764201363
ISBN-10: 0764201360
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.38″
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bethany House (2005)
Author: Russo, Steve


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