Whose Praise is in the Gospel


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Author: Hutchinson, J.G.
ISBN-13: 9780948417832
Pages: 448
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Gospel Tract Publications
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A record of one hundred and nine Irish Evangelists. Whose Praise is in the Gospel is an update of Sowers, Reapers, Builders, published in 1984 and out of print for many years.

Ireland has been blessed by many evangelists who have been marked by zeal in the spread of the gospel. Usually they have had simple, plain, pointed messages which God has been pleased to use to the salvation of souls. Their teaching has also been a great help to the Christians

This book, containing a brief account of 109 Irish evangelists, with photos, will be much appreciated by many as a permanent record of some who laboured in the gospel.

Mr. Jim Hutchinson, has himself been an evangelist for 56 years and knew many of these men personally. His desire is that this book will stir and challenge readers as to their own commitment to the Person of Christ, and the spread of the gospel in their own sphere of service.