Newberry Reference Study Bible Wide Margin


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Pages: 1648
Binding: Black Calfskin Leather
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Special Features:

  • Leading words in the text printed in bold type.
  • Divine titles printed in the original languages in the margin.
  • Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament CAPITALISED.
  • Tables of weights, measures and coins, as well as a chart of Greek prepositions.
  • Some Greek manuscript readings noted at the foot of the page in the page in the New Testament.
  • Alternative renderings in the margin with the actual Greek and Hebrew words spelt out.
  • ‘Single column’ print across the page, a style more convenient to the eye than a two column layout.
  • A lower hyphen_connecting several English words together which in the original languages are but one.
  • Poetic sections laid out so as to be distinguished from the narrative.
  • Parallel passages always noted in the margin.
  • Signs indicating Greek and Hebrew participles, articles, numbers, emphatic prepositions, tenses and moods.
  • 1648 pages of text
  • 16 pages of maps and charts
  • India paper Semi-yapp Black Calfskin Leather
  • Ribbon marker
  • Gilt edges.
  • Size – 24cm x 20cm x 4cm

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