Woman’s Role According to Scripture


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Author: Raymond K. Campbell
Pages: 46
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA
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There is a great debate among professed Christians as to the Scriptural roles of men and women in the home, the local church and the world in general. The role of women is debated in particular. Raymond Campbell (RKC) shows from Scriptures that God has much to say on these roles as given first in creation, then as a result of the fall in the Garden of Eden, under the Law, and today in the time of the Church.

Today, God has given women wonderful freedom and much work to do for the Lord.

Raymond K. Campbell (1909-1991) was a well-known and respected Bible teacher and author for nearly 60 years, often known by his initials RKC. His most famous book was The Church of the Living God, publishing in 1950, out of which we have excerpted and updated this pamphlet. Ray married Elfrieda and they had six children. He travelled widely, teaching and encouraging his brethren at assemblies, conferences, and camps; and he preached many radio messages as well.


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