Your Story Booklet


It’s Your Story… Do You Know It?

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Author: P.D. Bramson, Illustrated by D.C. Bramsen
Pages: 36
Publisher: ROCK International
Format: Booklet
Subtitles: It's Your Story... Do You Know It?
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Your Story offers a panoramic view of the Bible and shows how your own story can be forever linked to your Creator’s story. This illustrated 36-page booklet summarizes the best story and message ever told.

This is not a book. Your Story does not replace One God One Message, a 432-page book designed to help truth seekers overcome scores of obstacles as they take an unhurried journey through the Scriptures of the prophets and encounter God’s unalterable plan for mankind.

This is not a tract. For believers accustomed to giving out 3-page gospel tracts, a common first reaction when they see Your Story is: “It’s too long.” But once they understand its design, many remark: “It’s so concise!” To orient givers and recipients alike, the inside cover states:

About this booklet: Have you read the world’s best seller—The Holy Bible— the Book that records the past, present, and future of the human race? The Bible takes about 70 hours to read. Your Story encapsulates its amazing Story and Message—and takes just 35 minutes to read.