You’ve Got a Call


A devotional & commentary-in-one.
One verse at a time. One day at a time.

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Author: Winston Wilson
Pages: 382
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
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Are you answering?

A Call to Come (January through June)

To every Christian, the Lord calls: “COME and dine with me”. This is the Lord’s invitation to recline with Him, to listen to Him, to discover His heart. The apostle John knew that heart well. He leaned on Jesus’s bosom and tells us what he heard. Come, draw near and hear the heartbeat of Heaven in 1 John.

A Call to Go (July through December)

To every Christian, the Lord calls: “GO and preach the gospel”. This is the Lord’s invitation to make His heart of love known to those heading towards a lost eternity. Important lessons are shared from the life of Jonah to help us become effective witnesses.


A native of Jamaica, Winston Wilson has a passion for personal evangelism. He longs for others to discuver the Saviour he met when contemplating suicide almost 60 years ago. Upon conversion, Winston became involved with Ambassadors for Christ, sharing Christ on the streets across the Island. He attended Emmaus Bible School and has served as a deacon and elder at the Marverley Gospel Hall (Jamaica). He currently fellowships at Brockview Bible Chapel , St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.


*This book was previously published with the title Spiritual Vitamins.


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