According to Luke by David Gooding

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According to Luke reviewed:

“I once asked a respected Bible teacher what commentary he would recommend on the Gospel of Luke. He replied that David Gooding’s book According to Luke was probably the best option out there and that the Introduction by itself was worth the price of the book.

“Dr. Gooding does not join the “endless debates” about authorship, etc., but instead “accepts as a matter of faith the traditional view that Luke wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that his account is reliable”. He presents Luke in a fresh light and highlights how Luke makes the narrative speak for itself by grouping significant accounts together so the reader can make deductions with little need for commentary. This refreshing commentary casts Luke in a new light and arms the reader with helpful perspective that brings the Gospel of Luke to life.

“In Dr. Gooding’s own words; “this present work is not written for professional New Testament scholars. It is written, with a great deal of fellow-feeling, for non-expert but serious readers of Luke’s Gospel whose main difficulty lies not in understanding exactly what Luke is saying, but in understanding why he says it.”

~Harold MacDougall, elder (March 2014)

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