Reviews of Gooding’s “In the School of Christ”

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“Of all David Gooding’s books this is the one that merits the description ‘beautiful’. It is beautiful in its subject matter, as we are privileged to join Mary in ‘sitting at Jesus’ feet to hear his word’. It is beautiful in its discernment of the structure and contours of the Lord’s teaching. It is beautiful in its objective—to create us in the image of the Son of God in holiness. And it is beautiful in expressing its message, for Gooding’s prose seems to me to rise to fresh heights to match the requirements of its subject. I come from this book with a much clearer understanding of John 13–17, but (even more) with a deeper, more informed, longing to be made like unto the Son of God in all things.”
—Alec Motyer, Author, formerly Principal of Trinity College, Bristol

“If holiness is a reflection of the heart and character of God, then only God himself can teach us to be holy. In his final hours alone with his disciples Jesus does exactly that. The way in which David Gooding unpacks this crucial teaching not only demonstrates his profound scholarly understanding but is at the same time enthusiastic, clear and extremely readable. He reminds the reader that holiness is rooted in a deep personal relationship with God, through Christ, and is expressed in a life that flows out of that intimacy. This book is a treasure trove of insight which I recommend without hesitation to anyone who desires to be more like Jesus.”
—Heidi Johnston, Author Life in the Big Story
“What a treasure trove of spiritual riches—gleaned from a lifetime in searching the Scriptures. Read these books, and you will be nourished, stretched, and enlightened, as I was’.”

—Dr Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement

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