Book Review: The Life of David Brainerd

Life of David Brainerd CLASSIC BIOGRAPHY SERIESThe Life of David Brainerd
By: Jesse Page

“Why did John Wesley say “Let every preacher read carefully over the life of David Brainerd”? The reader of this addition to the Classic Biography Series will quickly discover the answer to this question.

David Brainerd was often depressed and downcast, and seldom, if ever, happy with his own spiritual state. He constantly battled severe ill health and loneliness. It was among the Indians of Crossweeksung (now Crosswicks, New Jersey) that he first saw his prayers answered in a way that simply amazed him. He was astounded to find that the “hearts of these Indians were melted by the love of Jesus” rather than the terrors of judgment. Converts were gathered to form a local church of which he said “I know of no assembly of Christians where there seems to be so much of the presence of God, where brotherly love so much prevails, and where I should so much delight in the public worship of God, in general, as in my own congregation; although not more than nine months ago, they were worshipping devils and dumb idols under the power of pagan darkness and superstition. Amazing change this! Effected by nothing less than divine power and grace!” By the end of 1747, 29 years of age and less than four years after his life’s work began, David Brainerd was called Home, a victim of tuberculosis. His last words were “I shall soon be in glory, I shall soon glorify God with the angels!”

Every Christian who, conscious of weakness, desires to serve God more effectively, should heed John Wesley’s counsel.”

~ Book review originally published by Believer’s Bookshelf (June 2017) and written by Alan Wilson

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