1 Corinthians – John Riddle Commentary


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Author: John M. Riddle
Pages: 345
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Publishing
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Far from dry and over-technical on one hand, or light and anecdotal on the other, John Riddle’s excellent commentaries are theologically sound, eminently readable and deeply spiritual in tone. The author holds to verbal plenary inspiration, takes a dispensational view of Bible prophecy and is careful to retain a practical edge at all times. Mr. Riddle’s material is also very suggestive and will provide much by way of ideas and outlines for preaching and teaching.

This epistle deals primarily with local church problems, and the commentary looks very practically at why these problems arose and how we can learn lessons from them today. The style of these commentaries is easy to read and will appeal to new Christians and younger people in particular.


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