Bible Plants Fruits and Products**


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Author: Tom H. Ratcliffe
Pages: 286
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Decapolis Press
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Bible Plants, Fruits and Products is a unique work of reference. First, we now have in one volume, details and illustrations of every common named plant, fruit, and plant product mentioned in the Bible, with the exception of one extinct species, viz. Onycha.

Secondly, the book lists every biblical reference to plants, etc. to enable the reader to quickly trace the frequency, occurrence and place of each entry. But the most important feature about the book is that for the first time we have an exposition on the spiritual significance and practical teaching for every plant, fruit and plant product referred to in the Bible.

This book is a valuable reference work for every Christian believer throughout the world. The book is written in “easy-to-read” English and in such a style that will enthuse the reader to read on. The ministry is both challenging and encouraging, precious and stimulating, but not too profound. The prayerful reader will be greatly enriched in their spiritual understanding and knowledge of the Word of God in relation to the plants, etc. referred to in the Bible.

For the first time, when a reader comes across an unusual plant name in the Bible text, a reference work is available to help with an explanation of its significance.


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