Collected Writings of Les Rainey: Volume 2


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Author: Rainey, Les
ISBN-13: 9781897117309
Pages: 616
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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The Bible In Brief: The Old Testament
Before delving into each of the books in the Old Testament, the author describes various ways to read the Scriptures in order to get the most out of studying it: topically, systematically, etc. A brief description of each book of the Old Testament is given, providing a synopsis on its author, the probable dates the book was written, as well as the key words and key verses to recognize. The author also provides an outline of suggested divisions within the chapters.

A Syllabus of the Scriptures: The Old Testament
Each book of the Old Testament is examined in more detail to try to show the history of God’s people and what His purposes were for them during each period. Most chapters explore the main characters and the lessons we can learn from them, while all of them explore the content of each book and its message to us in our own period of time. At the end of each chapter are questions to promote the reader’s own study of the Book.

Biographies of the Old Testament
Whether good or bad, there is always something God is trying to teach us through the lives of the Old Testament characters. Some show us of God’s greater purpose in typifying His Son, Jesus, while others can show us the relationship God longs to have with us individually. Elaborating on the definition of these biblical names, the author emphasizes the great purposes we can become a part of when we allow God to do His will in us.


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