Complete Book of Baby & Child Care, The

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Author: Dobson, Dr. James
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The Complete Book of Baby & Child Care
By: Paul Reisser

Since children don’t come with an instruction manual, we asked the experts to write one.

Here it is, the comprehensive guide to rearing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy children – from the most respected name in Christian parenting: Focus on the Family.

The Focus on the Family Complete Book of Baby and Child Care is unlike any other book of its kind. Taking a balanced, commonsense approach to the privilege of parenting, this indispensable guide delivers an encouraging, enlightening perspective and many helpful reference sections, including:

18 Special Concerns sections – At your fingertips you’ll find straightforward, reliable information on such worrisome topics as fevers in small children, teen sexuality, effective discipline, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, and more.
Medical Reference section – With detailed definitions/descriptions of common childhood illnesses and medical conditions, these pages will help you determine what you can do at home as well as help you evaluate when it’s time to contact your child’s physician.
Emergency Care section – From 911 calls and preventative safety information to CPR charts and basic first-aid explanations, this handy section will show you what to do when your child needs immediate medical attention.
Illustrations, Photographs, and Charts – A wide variety of visual aids is included to help you comprehend recommended techniques, appreciate the miraculous design of the human body, and recognize specific diseases and conditions.

This exhaustive tool is a must have for today’s parent.  In addition to advice from some of today’s most respected Christian physicians, you’ll find answers to your questions and explore realistic approaches to parenting that can give your children the best possible chance of growing into the healthy, well-adjusted adults you always dreamed they would be.

ISBN-13: 9780842308892
ISBN: 0842335129
Dimensions: 7.5″ x 9.0″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 892
Publisher: Tyndale House (1997)
Weight: 3.41 lbs
Author: Reisser, Paul


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