Daniel Reconsidered


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Author: J. Allen
Pages: 689
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Scripture Teaching Library
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THE BOOK OF DANIEL is among the most challenging in the Canon of Scripture.With its apocalyptic form, its combination of narrative, vision, and exposition the book has often seemed baffling and bewildering. In spite of this, it is a book that we ignore at our peril. It records vast and vital revelations given to a man who, far from his home and loved ones, faithfully served his God with the utmost of his ability, and in the circumstances where God had placed him.To this man were given some of the most important and far-reaching prophetic revelations recorded in the Word of God. His prophecy provides us with a Divine overview of history as it relates to the Gentile empires and reveals the prophetic future of the nation of Israel in the seventy weeks so often described as the backbone of Bible prophecy. This new commentary, by a respected expositor of Scripture, is amongst the most detailed and comprehensive studies of Daniel available.With his trademark precision and clarity, Jim Allen leads us through the book of Daniel, not only expounding the passages in their context, but also highlighting links with other prophetic scriptures. This book presents the fruit of years of careful, painstaking study of this important and challenging book, and will be of great benefit to any serious student of God’s Word. Jim Allen has devoted the past 45 years of his life to full time service in preaching the gospel and teaching the Word of God. From 1968 to 1973 he served the Lord in Malaysia. Today he preaches the gospel and ministers the Word of God throughout the British Isles as well the United States, Canada and many other parts of the world. He is the author of commentaries on First Timothy and Revelation in the What the Bible Teaches series (John Ritchie).


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