DVD Torchlighters The Harriet Tubman Story


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SKU: 501761D
Author: Torchlighters
ISBN-13: 501761D
Format: DVD
Running Time: 30 minutes
Rating: NR
Subtitles: English
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For centuries slavery reigned in parts of America, forcing an entire people into a lifetime of suffering and servitude. Living under the thumb of this oppressive system, young Harriet Tubman prayed ceaselessly that she and her family would be set free. Little did she know, God would use her and her resolute faith in Jesus to rescue not only her own family, but hundreds of other enslaved African-Americans as well. Discover how Harriet followed God, became the Moses of her people, and persevered despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles in this latest episode of The Torchlighters.

Languages: English, English Subtitles, Spanish, Swahili


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