Enjoying The Minor Prophets


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Author: William MacDonald
Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: ECS Ministries
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This book on the Minor Prophets is written for those young in the Christian faith or for students desiring a short panoramic view of the general message of this part of the Old Testament. Although not an exhaustive commentary, it will serve as an excellent guide to this section of Scripture.

The theology is conservative with prophetic sections interpreted from a strong background of pre-tribulational, pre-millennial futurism. An emphatic distinction is drawn between Israel and the church. Israel’s progressive downfall, future restoration, and millennial blessing are taught throughout. Its Christology is inspirational, written with a reverence that will enrich the soul.
Hosea – Messenger of Mercy
Joel – Prophet of the Day of the Lord
Amos – Prophet of Righteousness
Obadiah – Edom Is Doomed!
Jonah – Prejudiced Prophet
Micah – Proclaimer of the Moral Law
Nahum – Woe to Nineveh!
Habakkuk – Jehovah’s Watchman
Zephaniah – Royal Prophet
Haggai – Prophet of Renewal
Zechariah – Prophet and Visionary
Malachi – Preparing the Way

For over sixty years, William MacDonald addressed the key issues of Christianity in clear and simple terms. Leaving a promising business career to serve the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than eighty works are characterized by an economy of words that only comes by a major time investment in God’s Word. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in 2008, his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today. For information regarding the other books in this series click on these links: Enjoying the Psalms, Enjoying the Proverbs, Enjoying the Song of Songs, and Enjoying the Book of Acts.


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