He Died Climbing: Poetic Thoughts & Meditations

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Author: Norbie, Donald L.
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He Died Climbing
Poetic Thoughts & Meditations
By: Donald L. Norbie

Life is a mountain to be climbed,
Unknown, mysterious, difficult. . .

Experience the challenges and triumphs of life in this personal collection of poems by Donald L. Norbie. You’ll empathize with the struggle, but rejoice that God has a plan and purpose for us all.

Press on
To the summit
Where God waits
To welcome His weary climber home.

Donald L. Norbie, a Bible teacher and author, was born in Minnesota in 1923. While attending high school in Tucson, Arizona, he was led to Christ by T. B. Gilbert in 1938 and began to fellowship with the Bible Chapel there.

After spending several years in the Navy during World War II, Donald returned to college. He received a Master of Arts degree from Wheaton College in 1949. Thereafter, he taught for three years at Emmaus Bible School. He and his family then moved to Oklahoma to do evangelism and Bible teaching. In 1964, they moved to California. Then in 1970, Donald and Marie moved to Colorado where they continued their activities in Bible teaching, evangelism, writing, and church planting. Marie went to be with the Lord January 9, 2014.

Of special interest to Donald is the New Testament church. Books that Donald has written include Acts: The Pattern Church, 1 Timothy: Timeless Truths, 2 Timothy and Titus, New Testament Church Organization, The Early Church, Divorce and the Bible, Baptism: The Church’s Troubled Water, The Lord’s Supper: The Church’s Love Feast, He Loved to Plant: A Biography of T. B. Gilbert, and Danny, A Life Cut Short.


Mountain Memories
A Challenge
Reflecting as a Mirror
The Will to Live
A Fallen Giant
The Summit
Family Feelings
Life Beginning
I Love You, Mother
Little One
God, I Hurt!
The Walking Dead
Those Legs Will Walk No More
I Want to Die
Honey Harvest
The Word Came
The Word Came
Deity Compressed
O Lord, Come
War Remembered
Mobile Musings
Decaying Hopes
Norway Visited
Viking Roots
Viking Stones
The Seasons of Life
It’s a Gray Day
Autumn Gold
Winter Is Coming!
Winter Is Long
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Crowned with Gold
Head Stones
Each Unique
Only a Sparrow
Come Let Us Worship
Resources by Donald L. Norbie

Pages: 80
Size: 4.5×6 inches
ISBN-13: 9781593872250
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: ECS Ministries


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