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Author: Herzig, Steve
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Jewish Culture & Customs: A Sampler of Jewish Life
By: Steve Herzig

Every area of Jewish life is filled with rich symbolism and special meaning.  From meals, clothing, and figures of speech to worship, holidays, and weddings, we find hundreds of fascinating traditions that date as far back as two or three thousand years.

There’s Bar Mitzvah, which Jewish boys celebrate at the age of accountability.  In weddings, the groom breaks a wine glass with his foot.  In the front doorway of Jewish homes you’ll find a mezuza – a small container with Scripture parchments.  Prayer shawls are made with blue or black stripes.

How did customs such as these get started?  What special meaning do they hold?  And, what can they teach us?

Explore the answers to these questions with Steve Herzig in Jewish Culture and Customs – a clear and enjoyable sampler of the colourful world of Judaism and Jewish life.  You’ll gain a greater appreciation for God’s Chosen People and see key aspects of the Bible and Christianity in a whole new light.

ISBN-13: 9780915540310
ISBN-10: 0915540312
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Friends of Israel (1997)
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Author: Herzig, Steve


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