John Calvins Tyrannical Kingdom


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Author: Hunt, Dave
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John Calvin’s Tyrannical Kingdom: Geneva’s Experiment in Christian Dominionsim
By: Dave Hunt

John Calvin has been acclaimed as a godly example who based his theology and actions upon Scripture alone. But in fact, much that he did was unbiblical – though entirely consistent with this belief system. Is not this sufficient reason to examine the doctrines of Calvinism carefully from Scripture?

From 1541 to 1549, French theologian John Calvin attempted the perfect marriage of Church and State in Geneva, Switzerland. Determined to transform the city into a model of God’s kingdom on earth, Calvin established numerous detailed “reforms” as well as devising a system to police citizens through regular home inspections – questioning the residents on all aspects of their beliefs and practice.

Some of those who profess a “Reformed” faith today take Calvin’s Geneva as their model and thus hope to Christianize the United States – and then the world. Is it any wonder that much of the general public, accusing evangelicals of orchestrating a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” recoils in horror at such a thought? Many Christian activists with looser attachments to Calvin hope to force an ungodly American citizenry into godly living. But is such an agenda within the will of God? No one ever worked so hard at attempting to do this, nor for so long a time, as John Calvin – whose “righteous” judgment dominated the people of Geneva for eight deadly years.

Should today’s Christian leaders continue to laud a man whose behavior was often so far removed from the commandments of Christ and the example of Paul? Should believers seek to celebrate – and emulate – Calvin’s theology, which led to his ungodly reign as “protestant pope” of Geneva?

John Calvin’s Tyrannical Kingdom has been excerpted from Dave Hunt’s best-selling book What Love Is This? The Berean Call has created a series of smaller, more digestible portions of What Love Is This? highlighting specific aspects of Calvinism. Other titles in the series include: A Calvinist’s Honest Doubts: Resolved by Reason and God’s Amazing Grace, and T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible: Comparing the Works of Calvin to the Word of God.

ISBN-13: 9781928660767
ISBN-10: 1928660762
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 119
Publisher: Berean Call (2012)
Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.0″
Author: Hunt, Dave


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