Kelly: Ezra and Nehemiah


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Author: Kelly, William
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Two Lectures on Ezra and Nehemiah
By: William Kelly

These lectures on Ezra and Nehemiah by W. Kelly are introductory to the study of the two historical books. Having been for some time out-of-print, a fresh issue, with a few verbal alterations, has now been prepared.

The two histories recorded the mingled faithfulness and failure of the repatriated Jews while seeking to restore in Jerusalem the temple-worship of Jehovah and the daily life of the people according to the law of Moses. These historical facts have an evident analogy with present-day efforts on a similarly restricted scale to conform in worship and walk to New Testament church order. Hence the successes and defeats of the past provide both encouragement and warning for the present. The lecturer calls special attention to these useful features in the course of his two addresses.

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Author: Kelly, William


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