King of Glory Coloring Book


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Pages: 75
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: ROCK International
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70 Scenes Adapted from the Book & Movie

This chronological Bible story coloring book with its striking and detailed 70 drawings is designed to be used, scene by scene, with the KING of GLORY 70-scene picture bookDVD, Blu-ray, and Illustrated Study Guide. With one picture per page (blank on back side) this works best with coloring pencils or fine felt tip pens, but crayons can work too. While many choose to keep the 70 scenes together (to create and save their personal rendition of the KING of GLORY story), each page is perforated for easy sharing or photocopying. One way to use this coloring book with a small group is to watch one of the movie’s 70 scenes (average length: 3 minutes) and then color the corresponding picture. This coloring book is the final piece of the KING of GLORY Curriculum.


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